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The Independence of Central America Remains An Unfinished Experiment by Cime

This is an album I was given an advance listen to a few months ago and it is certainly an unusual way to pass a half hour.  Strange rhythm patterns, maracas, a mixture of Spanish vocals and English poetry readings.  Lo-fi recordings, coughs, tinkling symbols and distorted instruments that I can’t even place.  It is a concept album about presumably the history of Latin America. I know very little about this period of history and I’ve never been further south than Denver in the Americas. But I’ve listened to enough Flaming Lips albums which is a good grounding to enjoy this album. 

The voices swirling around and impersonations of crowds, interspersed with personal observations, jokes and historical narratives are chaotic but all the more interesting for that. 

If you enjoy the ramshackle experimentation of Foxygen and early Beck records with then this is an album for you.  If you favour Oasis wannabes then this is not your scene. This album (TIOCAIAUE) which I’ve already given an acronym is heavily influenced by the greats of psychedelic rock and sounds like it was recorded on some great psychedelics.

Cime pronounced (Ceemay) is the Californian DIY artist behind this project.  @cimebarrilete on Twitter 

The album was released on 1st July 2022. Digital downloads and CDs available from Bandcamp. https://theccg.bandcamp.com/

Also available on streaming sites


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